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Jen + Hilda Wedding

Jen and Hilda had a beautiful ceremony and luncheon reception right on the boardwalk in Asbury Park NJ this past summer.  I had never been there before but will be urging future clients to shoot engagement and after sessions there.  It reminds me of what Atlantic City must have been like in the 1930s and they have preserved the nostalgic feel all throughout the town.  There is just nothing like it in New York!   Jen and Hilda’s wonderful choices in everything from decor, to makeup, to food, to location, to venue (Stella Marina Restaurant) and to photographer (me) were helped along by their wonderful wedding planner, Joy Taylor.  Wedding planners are not just for the super wealthy and can help stretch a budget while keeping elegance as Joy did at this wedding which I absoulutley loved shooting.  Joy can be reached at or 646-842-2574

jen hilda 001 Sheet 1 Jen + Hilda Wedding
jen hilda 002 Sheet 2 Jen + Hilda Wedding

They can’t put how Jen feels about Mustard on a t-shirt.    jen hilda 003 Sheet 3 Jen + Hilda Wedding

There’s Joy on the right! jen hilda 004 Sheet 4 Jen + Hilda Wedding

jen hilda 005 Sheet 5 Jen + Hilda Wedding

jen hilda 006 Sheet 6 Jen + Hilda Wedding

jen hilda 007 Sheet 7 Jen + Hilda Wedding

jen hilda 008 Sheet 8 Jen + Hilda Wedding

jen hilda 009 Sheet 9 Jen + Hilda Wedding

jen hilda 010 (Sheet 10)

jen hilda 011 (Sheet 11)

jen hilda 012 (Sheet 12)

jen hilda 013 (Sheet 13)

jen hilda 014 (Sheet 14)

jen hilda 015 (Sheet 15)

jen hilda 016 (Sheet 16)

jen hilda 017 (Sheet 17)

jen hilda 018 (Sheet 18)

jen hilda 019 (Sheet 19)