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Jen + Paul Wedding

Paul & Jen opted for an intimate wedding on Centerport’s scenic coast. Their love for all things simple, classic and nautical flows through from their lifestyle and was beautifully reflected into their wedding style and decor.

1 Jen + Paul Wedding

2 Jen + Paul Wedding

3 Jen + Paul Wedding

4 Jen + Paul Wedding

5 Jen + Paul Wedding 6 Jen + Paul Wedding

blog post template 1 Jen + Paul Wedding

7 Jen + Paul Wedding

8 Jen + Paul Wedding








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Scott Becker - July 4, 2012 - 6:31 am

Wow Jennifer Nadobny Gebhardt, what a beautifil bride you were…and yes simple is the way to go….My own was similar, about 45 people and the level of intimancy made all the difference! These are sure “Keepers”.